E-commerce Ad Optimization, where we help online retailers improve their e-commerce ads and drive sales. E-commerce ads are essential for
attracting potential customers and increasing your sales.

Here we explain how our service can support your online store in achieving success in today’s hyper competitive e-commerce market.

What are E-commerce ads?

E-commerce ads refer to paid advertising campaigns aimed at promoting products or services in an online shopping environment.

These ads can range from search engine ads and display ads to social media marketing and email campaigns.

Why are E-commerce Ads important?

E-commerce ads are important because they increase the visibility and appeal of online stores, leading to increased traffic, conversions and sales.

Visibility and Reach

Ads increase your visibility and help you reach a larger audience.

Revenue growth

Properly optimized ads can lead to higher conversion rates and increased sales.


There is a focus to target your ads to specific audiences who are most interested in your products.


Results and data are the most important in advertising. We focus on on achieving the highest possible ROAS and the lowest possible CPC and CPM.

Our approach

Our E-commerce Ad Optimization service offers a range of strategies and activities to improve your e-commerce ads.


Advertising Strategy

We develop a strategy that matches your e-commerce goals and target audience.


Channel selection

We advise on the most appropriate advertising channels, including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Shopping and more.


Product ads

We optimize product ads with high-quality images, descriptions and pricing.


Target group segmentation

We help identify your ideal customer profiles and target ads specifically to them.



We implement retargeting campaigns to win back potential customers who have previously visited your website.


Ad creation and optimization

We develop attractive ad copy, images and videos and optimize them daily for better results.


Budget Management

We manage your ad budget and bidding strategies for maximum ROI.


Reporting and Analysis

There is 2 weekly reporting. Daily analysis is done 3 times to track and improve the performance of your ads.

Why Choose Our Services?

Having spent years in e-commerce ourselves, we have developed such strategies that have proven results in helping online retailers optimize their ads and drive sales.

We understand the challenges of e-commerce marketing and stay on abreast of the latest trends. As a result, we regularly achieve roases of 5 and above. The focus for us is always to achieve a ROAS between 2.8 and 3.5.

Together we are taking the first steps toward exponential growth in sales.

Contact us today to discuss how we can start optimizing your E-commerce Ads.

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