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Boost your customer base and increase your company’s sales!

Sectors we operate in:

Art galleries
Auction Houses
Transportation sector
Windows and doors
Solar Panels
Home Bateries
Wall boxes
Event sector
Coaching sector
And much more...
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“Marketing is: ‘Positioning your product or service in the market in such a way that your potential customers can easily find you and feel like buying directly from you’” (Jonas, founder Solid Medio).

Our mission

In an industry full of “cowboys,” we want to emerge as a trusted partner with measurable results. Our goal is to help companies grow with effective marketing strategies and customized solutions. The Latin word “Medio,” meaning “in the middle of,” is our core.

We place our clients in the middle of their target audience and increase brand awareness, generate leads and increase sales. Everything we do revolves around measurable results and building lasting relationships.

Our services

From strategic marketing planning to creative content creation and digital marketing, discover how our services can help your business grow and prosper.


Discover our comprehensive marketing services and let's explore your business' growth oppurtunities together.


Discover our comprehensive communication services and grow your business.


Discover our consulting services for business success.

Our vision

Our vision is to be a leading marketing agency, with creativity, professionalism and client focus. We embrace innovation and development, balance between tradition and innovation, and long-term customized solutions. Our goal is a positive impact on growth and profit for clients, based on transparency, ethics and sustainability. We encourage team development and contribute to the community.

At Solid Medio, we go beyond service. We become strategic partners for our clients, building strong brands and long-term value together.

Boost your client base with Solid Medio

Need more customers? Solid Medio is ready to grow your business. Get in touch today!

Our results

Discover our measurable successes

At Solid Medio, we transform brands and grow businesses through effective marketing strategies. Check out our results and see how we make measurable impact.


Clients helped

We have helped more than 100 clients achieve their goals.


Ready to bang

Our team is on standby 24/7 to pop and fulfill your marketing needs.


Revenue generated for customers

We generated more than 10 million euros in sales for our valued clients.

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