Marketing audit

Marketing audit

At Solid Medio, we specialize in conducting comprehensive marketing audits, assisting companies in analyzing and optimizing their marketing efforts.

A marketing audit is a thorough review of your marketing strategy, activities and results to identify opportunities and make improvements. Here we explain how our service can support you in analyzing and redirecting your marketing efforts.

Why is a marketing audit Important?

A marketing audit offers valuable insights and benefits:

Prevention of Errors

Identifies and corrects potential errors before they become harmful. This prevents unnecessary spending and wasted budgets.

Efficiency Improvement

Optimizes marketing budgets and resources for greater ROI. Shuffling between campaigns according to ROI is most important in marketing.

Opportunity Discovery

Together we will look at what untapped opportunities and niches are still in the market. That way you will know exactly what you need to capitalize on in the future.

Performance Evaluation

Evaluates the effectiveness of current marketing campaigns and strategies. Take into account budgets, time investment, staff cost, ...

What makes Solid Medio strong?

Our comprehensive marketing audit service is performed by experienced marketeers with proven expertise. We use advanced tools and methodologies to analyze your marketing efforts in detail.

With our service, you can take targeted steps to improve your marketing performance and optimize your business budgets.

How do we proceed?

Our Comprehensive Marketing Audit service includes:


Strategic Analysis

Assessment of your current marketing strategy and goals


Competitive Analysis

Comparison with competitors to understand your position in the market.


Channel Assessment

Evaluating the performance of various marketing channels, such as SEO, social media, email and more. Both online and offline.


Content Review

Analysis of your content quality and relevance to your target audience.


Website Optimization

Review of your website and suggestions for improvements.


Target group analysis

We are going to analyze you target audience and find out their needs. If not all target groups are already known we will look for interesting target groups.


ROI Analysis

Evaluation of your marketing investments and their returns.


Recommendations Report

A comprehensive report with findings and recommendations for improvement.

Together we take the first steps to marketing success.

Contact us today to discuss how our marketing audit service can help your company identify growth opportunities and improve your marketing strategy.

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