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Who is Solid Medio?

At Solid medio, people are at the heart of everything we do. Our team consists of a diverse group of dedicated professionals, each with unique skills and expertise.

We are not just a marketing agency. We are a close-knit team of creative minds, strategic thinkers and results-driven individuals.

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What our customers say

Patrick Van den Berghe
Patrick Van den Berghe
Transportation & Logistics
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Sinds we zijn begonnen met samenwerken met Solid Medio, heb ik niets dan positieve ervaringen. Hun strategische aanpak heeft een aanzienlijke impact gehad op onze transportactiviteiten. Het is duidelijk dat Solid Medio niet alleen begrijpt wat er speelt in de transportsector, maar ook effectieve oplossingen biedt die specifiek zijn afgestemd op onze behoeften.
Sarah De Wit
Sarah De Wit
Event sector
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Wat ik het meest waardeer aan Solid Medio is hun flexibiliteit en proactieve benadering. Ze begrijpen dat de eventsector dynamisch is en hebben zich naadloos aangepast aan onze steeds veranderende behoeften. Hun toewijding aan ons succes is onmiskenbaar.
Thomas Van den Broeck
Thomas Van den Broeck
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Solid Medio heeft recentelijk een indrukwekkende rebranding doorgevoerd, en ik moet zeggen, het heeft ons allemaal verrast. Als zaakvoerder waardeer ik een sterke, consistente uitstraling, en dat is precies wat Solid Medio heeft weten te leveren.
Petra Maes
Petra Maes
Coaching sector
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Solid Medio is niet alleen een marketingbureau; ze zijn een waardevolle partner die begrijpt wat er nodig is om als ondernemer te bloeien. Ik zou hen van harte aanbevelen aan mede-ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar professionele begeleiding op het gebied van marketing en groei."
Ingrid Maertens
Ingrid Maertens
HR & Talent Development
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Ik waardeer hun flexibiliteit en maatwerkbenadering, waardoor we echt op maat gemaakte oplossingen hebben kunnen implementeren die ons bedrijf vooruithelpen.
Jan De Sutter
Jan De Sutter
Fitness and Health
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Hun strategische aanpak heeft niet alleen geleid tot een toename van nieuwe leden, maar ook tot een versterkte merkidentiteit. De recente rebranding heeft 'FitFocus Studio' een frisse uitstraling gegeven die perfect past bij onze missie om gezondheid en welzijn te bevorderen.

Our proven successes

At Solid Medio, we believe in measurable results and delivering value for our clients. Our dedicated marketing efforts have led to remarkable successes for several companies.

Why Solid Medio?

Our passion for marketing drives us every day. We are not just experts; we are enthusiasts driven by the challenges and opportunities the marketing world has to offer.

Whether it’s coming up with innovative campaigns or analyzing data to
gain insights, our love for the craft is unconditional and is what sets us apart.

What makes us truly special is the diverse background of each team member. From experienced marketers and content strategists to data analysts and social media specialists – we join forces to provide clients with specific solutions.

This diversity allows us to think from different
perspectives and to develop creative approaches that go beyond the
traditional marketing standards.

We believe in continuous growth, not only for our clients but also for ourselves. We stay abreast of the latest trends, technologies and strategies in the marketing world.

By investing in constant education and development, we ensure that our team is always ahead of the curve and able to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

Our collaboration goes beyond the work itself. We have a culture of open communication, collaboration and support.

We believe that a positive and inclusive
work environment not only leads to satisfied team members, but also to better results for our

Together, we strive to make an impact not only on the business world, but also on society as a whole. We embrace ethical business practices, sustainability and
social responsibility.

What makes us so strong?


Deep Engagement

Our commitment goes beyond the surface. We dive deep into the essence of your business, understand your target audience and strive for a deep understanding of the market. This dedication allows us to develop strategies that are not only relevant but also aligned with your target audience.


Innovative Solutions

Our team is not afraid of challenges, we embrace them as opportunities for innovation. Whether it's entering new markets, introducing groundbreaking campaigns or optimizing existing processes, we always strive for innovative solutions that differentiate your company or brand.


Human-centered Approach

We understand that behind every number, every click and every transaction is a human story. Our human-centered approach ensures that we look not only at data, but also at the people behind the data. This enables us to develop empathetic and effective marketing strategies.


Reliable Collaboration

Trust is the foundation of any successful collaboration. We don't just build strategies; we build long-term relationships. Our transparent communication, integrity and reliability make us a partner you can count on.

Our services

Discover the comprehensive services Solid medio has to offer. From content creation to search engine optimization, from social media management to targeted paid campaigns.

We have the skills and expertise to take your business to new heights.

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