Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation, is automating marketing processes and delivering personalized and timely messages to their target audience.

Marketing automation is a powerful way to increase efficiency and strengthen customer engagement.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation involves the use of software and technology to automate repetitive marketing tasks, such as email campaigns, lead nurturing and social media management. It enables companies to send relevant and personalized content to their target audience.

Often a link is also made directly to the sales department with, for example, an automated CRM system.

Why is marketing automation important?

For the SMBs looking to grow quickly or the multinationals needing improved visibility, a marketing automation system is a must. We understand the complexities of marketing
automation and have experience with different software packages and tools to guide you from A to Z.


Marketing automation reduces manual tasks and saves time.


Content and messages can be customized to individual customers, which increases engagement.


You can nurture leads and guide them through a sales funnel with relevant information to increase conversions up to 60%.


Marketing automation provides insight into campaign performance and helps with optimization. From the first customer contact to gaining the loyalty of your customers.

How do we proceed?

Our marketing automation services cover a wide range of activities to automate and optimize your marketing processes.


Strategy and Planning

We develop a marketing automation strategy that fits your company, business goals and target audience.


Software Implementation

We help you select and implement automation software that suits your needs.


Lead Scoring

We configure a lead scoring system to assess the quality of leads and prioritize them.


Email automation

We create automated email campaigns, such as welcome series, follow-ups, special offers and so much more.


Segmentation and Personalization

We segment your target audience and personalize content for maximum relevance.


Reporting and Analysis

Weekly reporting and analysis to track and improve the performance of your marketing automation system.

Together we take the first steps toward a more effective and automated marketing strategy.

Contact us today to discuss how our marketing automation services can support your business.

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