Solid Medio is ready to support organizations in attracting the right candidates in an efficient and effective manner.

Unlike traditional headhunters, we specifically target latent job seekers, people who are already currently employed but open to change. Because outstanding employees are usually not actively looking for a new job, but rather for new challenges.

"A good employee is not looking for new work, but for a new challenge."

What is video recruiting?

Video recruitment is an innovative approach to talent acquisition that uses video content to raise awareness of your business.

This allows us to introduce your company to potential candidates in a short video of between 1 minute 30 seconds and 3 minutes to introduce your company to potential candidates. The goal is to gain a deeper understanding of your company’s needs and speed up the recruitment process.

Why is video recruiting important?

Video recruiting is important because it provides candidates with an authentic view of the company culture and positions, allowing for more effective talent attraction and selection.


Video recruiting shortens the interview process by providing faster insight into candidates.

Specific targeting

Candidates appreciate the effort companies take to create an engaging recruitment video

Time efficiency

It often takes up to 3 months less time to find a suitable candidate than in traditional ways

Quality of Recruitment

Video recruiting helps identify the best candidates that fit your company culture and requirements by focusing precisely on the motivated latent job seeker.

Leave the recruitment process to us!

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